ChangeView & ChangeMasterView reference

The ChangeView contains all change forms with standard item attributes. The ChangeMasterView contains all columns of the ChangeView plus all custom attributes. These views are available in both the viewer and the released schemas.

The Lifecycle column is coded

Value Lifecycle Abbreviation
0 Originated ORG
1 Submitted SUB
2 Routed RTD
3 Held HLD
4 Approved APP
5 Disapproved DIS
6 Canceled CAN
7 Stopped STP
8 Rejected REJ
9 Accepted ACC
10 Released REL
11 Completed CMP

For example:





,CASE [Lifecycle]
 WHEN 0 THEN 'Originated'
 WHEN 1 THEN 'Submitted'
 WHEN 2 THEN 'Routed'
 WHEN 3 THEN 'Held'
 WHEN 4 THEN 'Approved'
 WHEN 5 THEN 'Disapproved'
 WHEN 6 THEN 'Canceled'
 WHEN 7 THEN 'Stopped'
 WHEN 8 THEN 'Rejected'
 WHEN 9 THEN 'Accepted'
 WHEN 10 THEN 'Released'
 WHEN 11 THEN 'Completed'
 ELSE ''
 END AS [Lifecycle]

FROM [viewer].[ChangeView]

Column definitions §

There may exist in the view one or more "housekeeping" columns that have been reserved for PDXpert's private use. These columns' names begin with the prefix HK (for instance, HK1). Housekeeping columns may be redefined or eliminated in a future PDXpert release. These columns are not documented, and you should ignore them in your SQL queries. Do not create any custom attributes that use the HK prefix. You may want to create a user-defined view that excludes the housekeeping columns.

The column ordering may not be exactly as shown in this table, and may change in a future PDXpert release. Use the column name, not ordinal position, in your SQL queries.

Column name Data type Attribute name
ItemId GUID (item primary key) unique record identifier; not visible within PDXpert client
Type Change Forms Name Type
TypeShort Change Forms Abbreviation Type as displayed in the Item Explorer
Number string Number
Summary string Name as displayed in the Item Explorer
Lifecycle integer 0 (ORG) to 11 (CMP) - see table Lifecycle
WillReleaseCancelItems Boolean on Change Forms member as Releases/cancels items on Affected tab
Analyst Persons Name Analyst
Trustee Persons Name Trustee
OriginatedDate date Origination date
ReleasedDate (note 1) date Release date
ProblemSource Problem Sources Name Problem source
ChangeReason Change Reasons Name Change reason
ChangeClassification Change Classifications Name Change classification
ChangePriority Change Priorities Name Change priority
BeginSerialNo string [administrator defined]
BeginEffectiveDate date (none)
EndSerialNo string [administrator defined]
EndEffectiveDate date (none)
MaximumQuantity integer Maximum quantity value
MaximumQuantityUOM Units of Measure Name Maximum quantity count units
MaximumDuration integer Maximum duration value
MaximumDurationUOM Unit of Measures Name Maximum duration time units
FirstAuxiliaryPerson Persons Name [administrator defined]
SecondAuxiliaryPerson Persons Name [administrator defined]
PrimaryDiscussion string [administrator defined], typically the change description
SecondaryDiscussion string [administrator defined], typically an optional supporting problem statement
Notes string Notes tab
custom (note 2) string custom attribute text or numeric value
custom_Member (note 2) collection member Name custom attribute value's units, or other collection member


  1. If the change has not yet been released, then this value is empty and affected items have not yet been updated to their planned release/cancel states.
  2. These columns are included in the ChangeMasterView, and are not in the ChangeView. All administrator-assigned custom attribute ("CA") names are displayed in value/unit columns; the name is used in the column header. All identically-named CAs are displayed in the same column, regardless of change type. Where a custom attribute name conflicts with an existing system-assigned attribute name (such as Number or Type) then the custom attribute name is displayed with a leading underscore (_Number or _Type). See the help topic Collections reference > Custom attributes for naming guidelines. If a custom attribute name is longer than 120 characters, it is truncated.


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