Recent items

The Item Explorer's Recent list shows items that you've recently opened.

The number of items that can be shown is changed by selecting Tools ➔ User Settings... and then adjusting the Item Explorer: Recent items tracking limit value.

Using the Recent list §

If the Item Explorer is not shown, select the Item Explorer menu item from the Window menu.

  1. Click on Recent.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click on the item to open the context menu, and select the Open Item(s) command. You can select more than one row, and open them.

    • Double-click the item to open it.

    • Drag the item from the grid and drop it onto any list that can accept it, such as dragging a part from the grid and dropping it onto an assembly's BOM: Markup list.

The column abbreviations are managed in members of these collections:

  • Owner shows the Organizations collection's Display name

  • Type shows the Document Types, Part Types, Change Forms collections' Abbreviation

  • Release shows the Item Lifecycle Phases collection's Abbreviation

Sorting §

The list has three types of sorting:

  • The normal sort order shows favorite ("pinned") items, followed by other recently-opened ("unpinned") items.

  • A column is sorted from low to high: for example, from A to Z.

  • A column is sorted from high to low: for example, from Z to A.

When you click on a column header, the normal sort order is changed to ascending, then to descending, and then returns to normal order. Favorite items are included in the ascending and descending sort order.

Setting and clearing favorites §

You can keep a list of favorite items at the top of the Recent list. Up to half of the total items tracked in your Item Explorer: Recent items tracking limit user setting can be set as favorite items.

To set a recent item as a favorite:

  • Select the item, open the context menu, and select the Set/Clear As Favorite command to pin or unpin the item.

Setting the item as a favorite moves it to the last row in the pinned list, and sets the text style as italic. Clearing the item as a favorite moves the item to the first row of the unpinned items, and sets the text style to normal. If more than one item is selected, the primary selected item is moved.

To the rearrange the favorite list:

  1. Clear (unpin) any items that you want to arrange.

  2. Set (pin) each item as a favorite in the order that you want the item displayed.

If you reduce the number of tracked items in your User Settings, extra favorites are moved to the unpinned list when you close the PDXpert client.


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