PDXpert PLM: Benefits of Bill of Materials Software

PDXpert product lifecycle management (PLM) software is specifically designed to provide the following BOM management capabilities:

  1. Easily find items using powerful attribute search
  2. Drag and drop complete parts onto the BOM in a single operation
  3. Identify and use only the most current data on BOMs
  4. Know what changes have been made to each BOM revision (Add / Remove / No Change)
  5. Enforce rules for each assembly part type to ensure correct BOM evolution
  6. Create reports for assembly costs and RoHS/WEEE materials
  7. Retain a full audit trail of all changes to the BOM, including when and why it was changed, who approved the changes, how affected items were dispositioned, and the total recurring and non-recurring cost

PDXpert PLM software will automatically assign document and part numbers according to your specified rules; precisely locate exact matches and possible alternate parts using free-form text searches; and has a "where used" to show what assemblies use the item, where it appears as a source, and what changes have affected it. PDXpert PLM software keeps you informed of part and document release status and life cycle, and simplifies your work by automatically displaying, on released bills of materials, each child item's current revision.

You can make a snapshot duplicate of an existing bill of materials for accurate, consistent edits; drag and drop data-rich items onto the BOM; and print multi-level indented bills of materials, and roll-up costs and materials into top-level product structures.

Enjoy the advantages of professionally developed and maintained PLM software: valuable features that go beyond simple BOM management; comprehensive, context-sensitive documentation; professional configuration and operation advice; training materials; on-going feature improvements.

Watch how fast and easy bill of material management can be! Or, for more details and a screen image, see PDXpert PLM's structure management features.

Learn more about how PDXpert PLM can manage your BOMs

The benefits of BOM software include increased sales revenue through faster product releases; lower product costs by using more accurate BOMs; and reduced administrative overhead by providing important bill of material information (like cost and material roll-ups) automatically.

PDXpert PLM has been specifically designed for smaller organizations making the transition to automated product structure management. It's easy for users to find their items using free-form text search, then create complex products by simple drag-and-drop BOM construction.

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