Remote support: Save, Run, Allow

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The PDXpert TeamViewer utility shares your computer screen during a technical support session.

To begin your support session:

  1. Download the pdxpert-teamviewer.exe and save it onto your Windows Desktop. If your browser doesn't allow you to save an EXE file, you can instead extract it from the file.
  2. Run (double-click) the pdxpert-teamviewer.exe utility.
  3. Allow access by giving us Your ID and Password that are displayed on your PC.

    Technical support - ID and password panel

The PDXpert TeamViewer tool:

  • Does not change anything on your computer.
  • Does not require administrator permissions.
  • Can be deleted immediately after use, if you wish.
  • Is secured using AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Keeps you in full control of your computer.

When the session ends, there's no uninstall process needed. You can simply delete the pdxpert-teamviewer.exe file or keep it for a future session.

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