During any lesson, view the PDXpert help file by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard, or the on-line help topics.

Learning to use PDXpert software Minutes
Lesson 0: Install the PDXpert PLM server and client workstations 3
Lesson 1: Log into PDXpert 1
Lesson 2: Enter the software license key 1
Lesson 3: Create document record with file attachment 1
Lesson 4: Create a design part with CAD file attachment 2
Lesson 5: Create purchased part with approved source 3
Lesson 6: Create an assembly (bill of materials) with References assembly drawing 2
Lesson 7: Release design using change notice & workflow 3
Lesson 8: Report/export product data 2

After you have an understanding of how to use PDXpert, the following lessons summarize common system configuration tasks.

How to configure PDXpert software Minutes
Set up the basic workflow for change forms 2
Configuration example for Part Type (or Document Type or Change Form) 4
Import parts, documents, BOMs, sources, references, materials and file attachments 10

See our application notes that include how to work with other software applications like Altium, OrCAD CIS, Visio and ERP/MRP.

These materials describe the current release of PDXpert software. Contact us if you need help with an older release.

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