What are the benefits of PLM software?

PLM software review

Product lifecycle management software improves your time-to-market, product quality, and unit costs by easily sharing and securely managing your product's definition.

It's the best engineering tool for

  • Identifying parts, qualified supplier parts, and bill of materials content.
  • Managing all product-related documents and files (marketing requirements, design specifications, production instructions and maintenance procedures).
  • Controlling revisions to approved product data using on-line change forms and approval workflow.

PDXpert PLM software creates a powerful competitive advantage:

  • Quickly find parts, documents and changes, without having to know exactly how they're indexed or where they're used
  • Rely on up-to-date, accurate and approved bills of materials
  • Centrally store and protect design files, specifications and other electronic documents
  • Provide instant cost rollups and materials declarations for individual parts and complete assemblies
  • Process changes promptly to accommodate new market demands
  • Retain a complete history that automatically records how each item has changed over time
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The benefits of PLM are proven: A US medical device manufacturer cut their ECN process from 33 days to only 5 days. A European gas appliance manufacturer saw a 75% improvement in time-to-market. Would faster change processing add value in your company?

Benefits of PLM software

The following links describe how PDXpert PLM software will help your organization:

To get the complete story, view our video presentation "Why PLM? Managing product data to improve financial performance". Then download PDXpert PLM software to see the full benefits of a simple, flexible, and secure PLM solution.

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