No contradiction: PLM enhances data availability and security

Accurate, up-to-date information is crucial to a correctly manufactured product. Data that can't be identified correctly, or has ambiguous content, or has simply "gone missing" can't contribute to the quality of a product. But quality products are not merely the sum of their engineering documentation. Traditional engineering drawing practice is essential for proper design, construction, test and support activities. However, there's more to data management than simply adopting good part numbering practices, identifying part interchangeability through accepted part "form fit function" and document revision rules, and following the rules laid out in ASME Y14.100 (or MIL-STD-100).

How PDXpert PLM provides engineering document control

A good PLM system will offer the necessary capabilities and, equally important, automate and enforce the many processes necessary for good data management.

Product lifecycle management is the evolutionary result of "engineering document control software": from configuration management (CM) tools on mainframes, engineering data management systems (EDMS) on mini-computers, to product data management (PDM) databases on LANs. As engineering departments' requirements have expanded and computing resources improved, the software solutions have become more sophisticated.

PDXpert PLM provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that home-grown, in-house processes can't match:

  • attribute-driven fast document and part searches
  • electronic file management that protects each document
  • revision rules-based item number assignment that supports both intelligent part number and tabulated drawing schemes
  • flexible item revision rules, including optional pre-production and production formats
  • pre-defined part and document types with customizable rules and default attributes
  • drag-and-drop object construction for quickly building assemblies
  • engineering release management with approval workflow

These functions translate directly into real benefits including increased sales revenue through faster product releases; lower product costs by using more accurate BOMs; and lower administrative overhead by providing important supporting information (like cost and material roll-ups) automatically.

Learn more about how PDXpert PLM manages your engineering drawings

PDXpert PLM has been specifically designed for smaller organizations making the transition from ad hoc product data management.

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