Use a released change

A Released change form often includes dispositioning instructions to your organization for managing the affected product data. For example, the change form may require documents to be distributed, parts to be purchased or reworked, serial numbers to be recorded, and procedures to be changed.

If you have appropriate permissions, you can update this dispositioning information to confirm that these steps have been performed.

When the released change's disposition steps are complete, or temporary changes—such as deviations or stop ships—expire, then the change may be promoted to completed state.

A completed change form ensures that its dispositioning information is locked. Completing the change form (Process ➔ Complete Change) removes the change from the analyst's Item Explorer Tasks list.

A released change form can't be returned to a pre-released state. If you need to fix a released item (for example, adding a forgotten revision file), then make a new pending iteration and update the incorrect information. If appropriate, copy the previous iteration's revision and lifecycle values to the pending iteration. Release the pending iteration using a new change form, which cancels the incorrect iteration.


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