Unlock change form Files (rule)

Before editing a system rule, ensure that no other users are using the system. After editing a system rule, close the PDXpert client and start it again.

To avoid unexpected effects, all change forms should be Completed, Canceled or Rejected before editing this system rule.

Administrators open this using the Tools ➔ System Rules… menu.

Purpose §

Determines when the Files list is unlocked and available for attaching and removing files and external links.

Description §

Allows change form Files list to be modified while the change has not yet been routed for review, or until the change form is Completed or Rejected.

Unlock change form Files while change

Is at Originated or Submitted §

Select this when change form files and external links must be attached for review and approval. After a change is Routed (and beyond), files are locked. Returning the task to Originated or Submitted unlocks the Files list, and files can be attached and removed.

Is not Completed or Rejected §

Select this when change form files and external links may be added during the preparation and review cycles, and locked only when the change is finished.

To add or remove files when the change is Released, the Change Forms collection member must have its Pause at Released state checkbox marked.

Data type §

Option selection

Default value §

Unlock change form Tasks while change Is at Originated or Submitted

Details §

These values define when the change originator and product teams can add, replace, and remove change form files.


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