Save your part

Saving a part record clears all of the undo history; you can't undo any steps before the save operation.

  • Select Save (or Save All) from the Item menu; or,

  • Select Lock Object from the Edit menu (or press your keyboard's F2 key); or,

  • Lock the part form using the Lock selection in the form's status bar; or,

    Locking the item window

  • Close the part window, which saves all changes automatically.

PDXpert may show Cannot save or similar message when there is a conflict between the current database record and an earlier version. This conflict is often the result of assigning duplicate item identifiers or editing related records in parallel. For example, if you add a reference document to an item, the system must update both item records; the update is blocked when both records are unlocked.

When you see Cannot save, close all item forms and then open the item that you want to edit.

To avoid this problem, edit only one item at a time. When you're done editing the record, save or close the item before working on a different item. This avoids database conflicts, and lets PDXpert understand how to save your changes.


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