Collection Explorer Places/Organization/Persons group Countries collection

Purpose §

Defines countries for addresses, telephone access codes and currencies.

The correct country is required for validating PDXpert's software license key.

Where used §

Organizations, Persons

Data fields §

Name §
This is the complete (official) name for the country.
Short name §
This is the common name of the country that's shown in most country-related fields.
Country code §
The system uses the ISO standard 2-character abbreviation.
Internet domain §
This specifies the Internet country code top-level domain issued by IANA.
Default language §
This is the country's preferred business or technical language. Most companies that operate within this country communicate in this language.
Default time zone (GMT/UTC) §
This field is used to suggest local time zones for organizations that are in this country. If this country has more than one time zone, it's usually most useful to select the time zone of the capital city or principal commercial center.
Telephone country code §
Enter the numeric telephone country code. Although the telephone access code is usually unique, some countries share codes (e.g., the US, Canada and the Caribbean are all 1) and other countries may have more than one code.
Currency §
Select the country's currency from the Currency collection list.
Active: users can select
Default member of collection
Permanent member of collection §
See the Managing collections: Common attributes help topic.

Setup §

To reduce the number of countries they have to scroll through, users will appreciate if you mark Active: users can select only for those countries that affect your PLM procedure. Consider design groups, vendors, purchasing and (possibly) currencies. If you export your products, then you may want to include destination countries.


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