Add a new collection member

Some collections have special instructions to protect your system. Read the collection help topic before you begin.

Other users should — and in some cases, must — exit the system while you're working. Close all item records in your workspace before you begin. Close the PDXpert client and start it again when you've finished.

  1. Add a new member using one of these options:

    • Using the Create Member form:

      • On the Item menu, select the Create Member command; or

      • Click on the New Member button toolbar button; or

      • On your keyboard, press the F8 key.

      When the Create Member form opens:

      1. Select the collection.

      2. Enter the new member's Name.

      3. Click the OK button.

    • Within the Collection Explorer:

      1. In the Collection Explorer, find and select the collection.

      2. Open (right-click) the collection's context menu and select Add Member.

    • Create a new collection member by copying the default (bold) collection member. You can set the collection's default member before copying, and restore it after you're done copying. This option is only available for selected collections.

      1. In the Collection Explorer, select the collection node (for example, the Parts Types node).

      2. Open (right-click) the collection's context menu and select Copy Default To Add New Member.

  2. When the saved member opens, enter appropriate information for the new member.

    The member's Name is required. It must be unique within the collection.

  3. Save any changes by saving or closing the member form.


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