Extract files from a PDXZ backup

PDXpert backs up your system's SQL Server database and library files into a single compressed file with a .PDXZ file extension ("PDXpert Data eXport, Zipped").

The .PDXZ backup file is different from an IPC-2570 file with a .PDX file type (a PDX package).

This topic tells how to extract data from the .PDXZ backup file.

Opening the PDXZ file §

The database and library files are compressed by the PDXpert Application Server into a PDXZ file using the Zip64 compression format. Older versions of Windows can open a Zip64 file only with the assistance of a third-party utility, while Windows File Explorer in current versions of Microsoft Windows can open a Zip64 file directly.

  1. In Windows File Explorer, change the file extension on your PDXpert backup file from .PDXZ to .ZIP (e.g., MyBackup.pdxz to MyBackup.zip)
  2. Open your renamed PDXpert backup file (e.g., MyBackup.zip) by right-clicking the file within Windows File Explorer, and selecting Open from the context menu.

You can extract the database backup file (PDXpertDB.bak), or the library folder and its contents, by dragging it to a location on your computer.


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