Remove your change form

You can remove (delete) a change form from the database if it is not at the Released, Completed or Rejected lifecycle state.

You can remove the change form:

  • If you are the change form's originator, and the change form is at the Originated lifecycle state.

  • If you are the change form's analyst, and the change form is at (or can be moved to) the Originated, Submitted or Canceled lifecycle state.

    If you aren't the change form's analyst but have an analyst role, you can replace the analyst with your name, and then save the record.

To remove a change form record from the database:

  1. Open the change form. If it's open, select it to that you can view it.

  2. If you are the change form's originator, then the change lifecycle must be at Originated. If it is not, you must ask for the analyst's help.

    If you are the change form analyst, use the Process menu to move the change lifecycle to Originated, Submitted, or Canceled.

    Some workflow paths may need to be enabled on the change form template to let the change move from its current lifecycle to one of these states.

  3. On the Item menu, select the Remove Object command.

    You cannot undo the Remove Object command.


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