Product Families collection import

This file defines how to add new members of the Product Families collection, and add existing members of the Persons collection to the Product Team.

The import file cannot delete a product family, or remove or replace a person in the Product Team.

Rows on the Product Team list are added cumulatively. That is, you can import a different row without affecting the current list. If you want to replace an existing list, clear the list using the DELETE-PERSON-LIST special value and then import the new list.

The Batch Importer tool can generate a CSV template file, which can be used to import your data. Select Collection: Product Families from the dropdown list, click the Export button, and save the file.

Column name Data type Value if empty Description
Name string row is skipped REQUIRED: Product family name. If the value is empty, the row is not imported. If the Name value cannot be matched to an existing collection member, then a new collection member is added; otherwise, the matching collection member's properties are updated.
Description string no value Description of product family's function or responsibility. A product family's rows are imported one row after the next, so only the final description is applied (including empty descriptions). Delete this column from the import file if you don't want the description changed while working with the Product Team list.
TeamPerson Persons member no value If specified, then the text is matched against members of the Persons collection. If the value is empty, then no person is added. If the person is specified but cannot be matched, then the row is not imported.
The special value DELETE-PERSON-LIST deletes the Product Team persons from the product family. Other rows in the import file can add new persons to the empty list.


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