PDXpert PLM software user help

Accessing help from your installed PDXpert application

To open context-sensitive help from within the PDXpert software application, simply press the F1 key on your keyboard while the PDXpert application window is visible.

Obtaining the current PDXpert help file

This download table contains the help documentation for the current PDXpert release. Contact us if you require documentation for older releases.

  Windows CHM, as ZIP Adobe Reader PDF
PDXpert application help Windows ZIP icon PDXpert-CHM.zip Adobe PDF icon PDXpert-Help.pdf

PDXpert help .CHM and the Open File dialog

After you download the Windows ZIP files from this page, uncompress them using Windows Explorer. Then drag the .CHM to your computer Desktop or (if you're updating an existing installation) the PDXpert program files folder.

Windows may display a security warning dialog before allowing you to extract the help file, or before displaying the help file's contents.

Recent versions of Windows may have an additional protection hurdle. If you see the message Navigation to the webpage was canceled, then close the HTML Help viewer window and:

  1. Select the CHM file, right-click to open the context menu, and then select Properties from the menu.

  2. On the Properties window's General tab, click on the Unblock button.

    Help file properties Unblock button

  3. Click the OK button.

You will not see these windows if the help file has been installed as part of normal program setup.