Industry standards of interest to the PLM / CM community

These standards are listed as a convenience, but the listing is not complete nor an endorsement of the information or its publisher. We do not receive compensation for any listing nor can we answer questions about any website listed. We would appreciate learning of any additions or corrections to make this list more useful.

ASME Y14.24M Engineering Drawing Types

ASME Y14.34M Associated Lists

ASME Y14.35M Revisions to Engineering Drawings

ASME Y14.100 Engineering Drawing Practices

EIA/IS-649 National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management

EIA-836 CM Data Exchange and Interoperability

EIA/EICTA/JGPSSI joint industry guide Material Composition Declaration Guide

IEC/EN 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment-Part 1: General Requirements for Safety

IPC-2571 et al. Product Data eXchange specifications

ISO 10007 Quality Management - Guidelines for Configuration Management

ISO 12207 Software Life Cycle Processes

ISO 13485 Medical Device Regulations

UL 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment, Part 1: General Requirements for Safety

US 12207 Software Life Cycle Processes (ISO 12207 with US introduction, roadmap and annexes)

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