Selected military standards of interest to the PLM / CM community

Documents listed on this page may provide as a convenient starting point for investigating government, military and aerospace historical best practices. Many of these are obsolete and have been out of print for many years.

A more complete list, including free downloadable PDF and TXT files, is available at our product lifecycle management information site.

DOD-STD-1000B "Drawing, Engineering and Associated Lists, 28 Oct 1977 with Amendment 4", August 18, 1987.

DOD-STD-2167A "Defense System Software Development", 29 February 1988 (Superseded by MIL-STD-498).

MIL-DTL-31000C, "Technical Data Packages, General Requirements for", 15 December 1989.

MIL-HDBK-59B "Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle (CALS) Support Implementation Guide", 10 June 1994.

MIL-HDBK-61A "Configuration Management".

MIL-HDBK-505 "Definition of Item Levels, Item Exchangeability, Models and Related Terms", 12 February 1998.

MIL-PRF-5480G "Data, Engineering & Technical: Reproduction", 1 July 1998.

MIL-STD-12D, "Abbreviations for Use on Drawings, and in Specifications, Standards and Technical Documents", 29 May 1981.

MIL-STD-100G, "Engineering Drawing Practices", 9 June 1997.

MIL-STD-109C "Quality Assurance Terms and Definitions", 2 September 1994.

MIL-STD-130L "Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property", 10 October 2003.

MIL-STD-280A "Definition of Item Levels, Item Exchangeability, Models and Related Terms", 7 July 1969 (Superseded by MIL-HDBK-505).

MIL-STD-480B, "Configuration Control - Engineering Changes, Deviations and Waivers", 15 July 1988 (Superseded by MIL-STD-973).

MIL-STD-481B, "Configuration Control - Engineering Changes (Short Form), Deviations and Waivers", 15 July 1988 (Superseded by MIL-STD-973).

MIL-STD-483A, "Configuration Management Practices for Systems, Equipment, Munitions and Computer Programs", 4 June 1985.

MIL-STD-490A "Specification Practices", 4 June 1985 (Superseded by MIL-STD-961).

MIL-STD-498, "Software Development and Documentation", 5 December 1994.

MIL-STD-499A, "Engineering Management", 1 May 1974.

MIL-STD-499B, "Engineering Management" (DRAFT 1993).

MIL-STD-961E "Defense and Program-Unique Specifications Format And Content", 1 August 2003.

MIL-STD-973 "Configuration Management", 17 April 1992.

MIL-STD-1285D "Marking Of Electrical And Electronic Parts", 7 September 2004.

MIL-STD-1309D "Definitions of Terms for Testing, Measurement and Diagnostics", 12 February 1992.

MIL-STD-1456A "Configuration Management Plan", 11 April 1989 (Superseded by MIL-STD-973).

MIL-STD-1528A "Manufacturing Management Program", 9 September 1986.

MIL-STD-1840C "Automated Interchange Of Technical Information", 26 June 1997.

MIL-STD-2549 "Configuration Management Data Interface", 30 June 1997.

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