Installation Guide

PDXpert PLM Software Installation Guide

Custom installation: PDXpert Application Server setup

The PDXpert Application Server and the SQL database server must be installed on the same computer.

You must have administrator rights to your computer, and be the only user logged into Windows.

If you want to use a specific edition of SQL Server instead of Express edition, or you want to ensure a particular release of SQL Server (2008, 2008R2, 2012) is installed, then you must install your preferred version before installing the PDXpert Application Server. For more information, see the preceding section: Custom installation: SQL Server.

Installation procedure

To install the PDXpert Application Server:

  1. Run the PDXpert system installation program from your server's CD drive or hard disk.

  2. During installation, you will be required to accept the PDXpert software license agreement. If you agree with the terms of the license, mark the acceptance checkbox, and click the Next button.

  3. The PDXpert system installation program will upgrade your server to the required Microsoft .NET Framework. If your system's permission profile blocks PDXpert setup's installation of .NET, cancel the installation. Upgrade your computer to the required .NET Framework using Microsoft's installer(s), and then start the PDXpert server setup program again.

  4. If a PDXPERT instance of SQL Server database cannot be found, SQL Server Express will be downloaded from Microsoft and installed. Installation is automatic, but takes several minutes.

  5. Although you can specify options for the PDXpert Application Server, we recommend using the default values to simplify administration and technical support.

    The installer creates a folder for your database and library on your system drive. If you prefer to use another location for your data, allow the installation to proceed. After installation is complete, use the Settings tab on the PDXpert Application Server console to select your preferred location for the data folder.

  6. When the installation is complete, click the Finish button. On the Windows Desktop, there are two icons:

    • The PDXpert client application is used for administrative tasks (license entry, user account management, etc.) and normal product data management activities.
    • The PDXpert Application Server is used for database management tasks such as backup, restore, relocation and reset.