Installation Guide

PDXpert PLM Software Installation Guide

PDXpert Application Server diagnostics

Do you have exclusive administrator access to Windows?

During the installation of PDXpert, you must have administrator rights to your computer, and be the only user logged into Windows.

If you see the error message Service 'PDXpert Server' (PDXpertServer) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services, then it's possible that:

  • Another user is currently logged into your Windows system; or

  • You aren't logged into Windows using an administrator account.

Is the PDXpert service started?

For PDXpert 7.0 and higher: The PDXpert Application Server is a service that can be stopped and started from the Windows Control Panel, in the Services console.

For releases prior to PDXpert 7.0: The PDXpert Application Server can be opened by selecting it from the PDXpert folder in the Start menu. When the application is running, the Start button is disabled, and the Stop button is enabled. Conversely, the application is stopped when the Start button is enabled. Click on the Start button to start the PDXpert Server service.

Is the SQL Server connection valid?

Each time that you select the PDXpert Application Server's Information tab, the server attempts to connect to the SQL Server instance. If the SQL Server database instance is valid and running, the database server release is shown in the SQL Server text box, such as SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 Express Edition (10.50.2500.0). If the connection is invalid or SQL Server is not running, this will be empty. Refer to the SQL Server diagnostics help topic.

Analysis of log file entries

System.IO.IOException: read past EOF at Lucene.Net....

Events such as restarting after a Windows Update may unexpectedly interrupt the indexing engine. When the index is damaged, the client communication service will not service client log-in requests, with a client error message such as The server could not be contacted.

Delete the index files to restart the indexing engine:

  1. Open the computer Services panel.
    • On Windows 7 / Server 2008: Start menu > Control Panel > Administrator Tools
    • On Windows 8 / Server 2012: Computer Management > Services & Applications
  2. Find PDXpert Service in the list. If it's not Stopped, select it and then click the Stop the service link. Don’t close this window yet.
  3. Open Windows Explorer, and go to the PDXpert data directory. This is the \Data\ folder, as shown on the Manage tab of the PDXpert Server window.
  4. Delete the \Data\Index\ folder.
  5. On the Windows Services panel, select PDXpert Server and then click the Start the service link.