Rename the default Admin person

The Person collection's default member record is called Admin. Since it'd be useful to record the actual name of the person managing your product data, you should update the Person collection's Admin record to something meaningful.

  1. Log into PDXpert using any administrator account, typically Admin (see the Opening PDXpert for the first time topic).

  2. If the Collection Explorer is not displayed, select the Collection Explorer menu item from the Window menu. The Collection Explorer will typically be displayed along the left side of the PDXpert main window, and a checkmark appears to the left of the Collection Explorer menu item.

  3. Navigate to the Persons collection (within the Places/Organizations/Persons group), and expand the Persons collection.

  4. Open the Admin member by double-clicking the node.

  5. To unlock the form for editing, select Edit | Unlock Object, or press your keyboard's F2 key, or select Unlock from the form's status bar (in the lower left).

  6. Change the Admin value in the Name to your name (or whomever is the application administrator). Add whatever other information you'd like. When you've finished updating the information, save your changes by closing the form or by locking the form (Edit | Lock Object or status bar Lock or F2 key).

Renaming the record has no effect on the account log-in name, which remains Admin until the account is changed as described in the next section.

Changing the Admin log-in name §

To change the user account log-in name, you need to have (or temporarily assign) at least one other administrator account. You can perform this activity only if you have at least two full-function licenses.

Set the other account to be the default super administrator, log out of PDXpert, and then log in under that other user account. Open the User Management window (Tools | User Management...), delete the original Admin user account, and then add a new user account with the preferred log-in name. You can then set the original record back as the super administrator.

For more details, refer to the help topic How to perform other tasks > Manage user accounts.


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