Item Explorer New tab

Item Explorer New tab

The Item Explorer's New tab lists the document, part and change form types that your administrator has defined for your system. Each type has been assigned various rules — numbering, revision format, starting lifecycle, default unit of measure, naming hint, etc. — that make that type unique.

Each section lists the item type records that can be created, along with their abbreviations in parentheses.

For example, in the Documents list, click the row Drawing (Dwg) to create a new document record, with the features of a drawing type. Similarly, in the Parts list, click the Purchase (Pchs) to create a part record, such as a bolt or resistor, supplied by one of your supply chain partners.

As you add (or rename) templates in the Collection Explorer for document types, part types and change forms, these are displayed in the Item Explorer's New tab.

There is a splitter control between each section. Move your mouse to the area just below the Documents or Parts list, and then adjust the height of each section by dragging the splitter bar.

See Create a new item.


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